WASHINGTON, D.C., January 23, 2013, (LifeSiteNews.com) – A judge has barred a pro-life protester from setting foot in Washington, D.C., after he vocally interrupted Barack Obama's second inauguration. Meanwhile, a number of Marxist-led radical groups, with ties to the Obama reelection campaign, received permission to hold more visible demonstrations during Monday's inauguration events.

Rives Miller Grogan. 47, shouted pro-life slogans during the inaguration ceremonies as he dangled for five hours very high up in a tree, near the Capital Hill reflecting pool. Eyewitnesses say he only stopped during Beyonce's rendition of the national anthem.

The California-based activist and former pastor has been arrested numerous times over the last four years – includingrunning onto the field at a Cincinnati Reds baseball game with a sign that says "Abortion is a sin."

On Thursday, a D.C. Superior Court judge said the former pastor, who is based in California, may only return to the nation's capital for his follow-up hearing on February 25. Otherwise, he must remain outside the city limits.

Grogan was far from the only protester at the inauguration.

Three radical left-wing groups, including International ANSWER and Code Pink, received permissionto protest the president's foreign policy. Both organizations, which were founded by Marxists, have close ties to the administration.

Others on Monday protested against redefining marriage – a theme of Obama's inaugural address, a presidential first.

Still others clamored for granting statehood to D.C., a move the president has long favored.

Of the various causes represented, only one demonstration turned violent. Some 60 bandana-clad rioters “affiliated with anarchist groups” smashed ATM machines, as well as a restaurant, according to D.C. Police officer Araz Alali.

Police say they lost track of the group as it fled the scene but would continue to look for them.

However, they brought Grogan down after a five-hour standoff in the tree. He was able to evade arrest so long because police barricades prevented them from getting close enough with a ladder to nab him.

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Grogan's mother, 69-year-old Peggy Grogan, remained proud of her son.

“God leads him to D.C. to what he needs to do,” Peggy said.

“Washington is the place where people should be allowed to protest,” she added. “God will judge all of this one day, not the courts.”